Who/What is ohio guns?

Ohio Guns is a federally licensed firearms dealer/manufacturer located in Ashtabula, Ohio.  We carry minimal inventories and can order modern firearms from the largest distributors in the country.  Our webstore has a live feed from these distributors that is updated every 15 minutes. 

Ohio guns


Why Deal With Us?

We provide personal service at competitive prices.  We are not the cheapest and never will be.  However, you deal directly with the owner and we are interested in long-term customer relationships.  We are not transaction-oriented.  We don't "deal" just to make the sale.  We are interested in providing the products and services that suit your needs.  If we can't we don't.

Custom AR Rifle Building

As a federally licensed manufacturer of firearms, we can assemble an AR rifle in almost any available caliber to suit your needs.  And, you are welcome to build it with us so you can see how it is assembled and each and every part that goes into it!  You would consider these the high end of the mid-range rifles but they perform!  A typical rifle build is in the neighborhood of $1,400 plus optics.  Decent optics can be had in the $400 to $800 range.  As a note, we also build these rifles for professionals whose lives depend on their preformance.

Suppressors aka "Silencers"

Yes, we have the license to sell YOU a silencer.  There is a process that takes some time, but we guide you through it and do the paperwork for you.  Pretty much all the rifles we choose to personally shoot are suppressed.  It makes huge difference in your enjoyment of shooting.


We carry ammunition primarily as a convenience to our customers.  We hand load custom ammunition.  We can acquire larger quantities on order at a discount.  However, we do not have the volume to match heavily discounted prices from large discounters and online sources.


Daryl Upole is the President of Ohio Guns.  We've been in this industry since 2010.  Daryl has his MBA from Cleveland State University, is a Certified Public Accountant, and has taught business and accounting courses at the University level since 1992.  He is a certified Instructor by NRA and USCCA.