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Daryl Upole

Your Lead Instructor is Daryl Upole.  Daryl has over 30 years of teaching experience at the university and adult level.  He has his Master's degree in Business Administration, is a CPA, and is currently working on completing his course work toward a PhD.  He has over 8 years of experience as a firearms dealer and has ammunition manufacturing experience and knowledge.  Daryl is a certified NRA Instructor for the Basic Pistol Course and certified USCCA Instructor.   Verify NRA certification here with last name Upole and ID #156614947.  Find USCCA verification here with zip code 44004.


We Provide Everything!!

We provide the most important things: food, coffee, drinks, snacks!  Oh, we also provide ALL course materials, all safety equipment, ALL AMMUNITION, AND ALL FIREARMS!  All of this is included in your course fees.  You get to shoot many different firearms such as revolvers, pistols, shotguns, rifles  plus silencers.


Only Course Like It In Our Area

There are other courses available by fine and reputable trainers at lower costs.  We are not for everyone.  Our focus is newer and beginning shooters who want detailed training from the ground up.  Many describe our weekend as a "mini vacation" and don't want to leave at the end!  So, even though we are the most expensive in the County - we are the only one like it in this area.  If we are not for you, here is the contact information for a recommended local provider: Iron Sight Arms & Tactical Supply.


Concealed Carry Certification & Home Defense


 The course is $399 and includes:

  • SAFETY FIRST & Lots of FUN
  • 12-14 hours of instruction.
  • All course materials.
  • Firearms use.
  • All required ammunition.
  • All required safety equipment, targets, etc.
  • Beverages at all times.
  • Snacks and food.
  • Required course completion certificates.
  • Fantastic camaraderie and FUN

Our class size is limited to 8 students to maximize individual learning.  

$25 STORE CREDIT to each individual who registers with your own group.  This can even be one friend. 



We don't have a published "course schedule".  Once we have at least four interested students, we see what works for you.  Typically this is over a weekend, but we can structure the time around your schedule.  We do private training for small groups and families as well.

Private Instruction/CCW Courses


Our private training is $199 for a 1.5 hour session $100 per hour thereafter.  This includes  all firearms, safety equipment, and targets.  Ammo is additional.  A second person can be added to the same session for half price.

We will travel to you and provide training anywhere based on individually negotiated rates.



What is CCW?

CCW stands for "Conceal Carry Weapon".  However, you also hear reference to "CCL" for Conceal Carry License.  In Ohio, CCW or CCL refers to the legal status of having a license to legally carry a concealed handgun. Most people say "CCW", but the technically correct nomenclature is "CCL" in Ohio.   This applies only to handguns.

How do I get my Ohio CCW license and how long is it good for?

Simple!  First, take our course.  Second, take the certificate of completion we give you to your County Sherriff's office, pay them $67 or so, and they perform the background check and will issue your license.  It is good for five years.  As long as you renew before it expires, there's no additional training required.  We go over all the requirements in class. 

Why take this course?

This course serves two purposes.  One is that it provides the necessary training in accordance with the Ohio Revised Code to obtain a Conceal Carry License for handguns in Ohio.  This Ohio license is recognized through reciprocity in many other states.  The second purpose is to provide introductory training on the safe handling, use, and ownership of firearms.  Our focus is on beginning and newer shooters, although anyone is welcome.  OUR COURSE IS DESIGNED TO ACCOMMODATE INDIVIDUALS WHO HAVE NEVER EVEN SHOT A FIREARM BEFORE. 

Who should take this course?

Anyone who desires to obtain a Conceal Carry License in Ohio is a good prospect.  Our primary target market is for students who really want to learn the basics from the ground up.  It is ideal for students who have little to no firearms or shooting experience.  About 1/3 of our students have never fired a gun before.  We frequently have couples or related people take the course where one has more knowledge than the other - as you know it is frequently much easier to someone outside a close circle to provide instruction.   This is probably not the course for someone just looking for a piece of paper to get their license as quick and easy as possible. CCW in Geneva CCW in Ashtabula Guns in Ashtabula

What do you learn in this course?

This course covers a great deal about home defense and self defense.  Much about recognizing and avoiding threats.  You learn primarily about handguns (revolvers and pistols).  You learn about the various types of handguns and how they work.  You learn about ammunition and how it functions with the handgun.  One of our highest priorities is for you to learn about safety.  You learn about laws, rules, and regulations regarding all kinds of firearms, self defense, and conceal carry.  You learn about how to carry a firearm concealed in your daily activities.  You learn how to properly inspect and clean firearms.  You learn about how to select firearms.  This is a very "hands on" course.  You will handle firearms frequently. 

Other FAQs

Who can take the course?  You must be 21 years old to handle a handgun in Ohio except with a parent or in a training environment.  However, we will consider younger people on a case-by-case basis.  The course is good for three years in obtaining a Conceal Carry License in Ohio; so it may be good for those that are 18-20.  Also, there are a number of legal "disabilities" a person may have that prohibits them from handling firearms.  These are legal disabilities, not physical disabilities.

What is the process?  To obtain a Conceal Carry License in Ohio you simply take the required course and apply for the license at your County Sheriff's office (or an adjoining County) and pay the required fee.

I've had legal issues in the past.  Can I get my license?  There's no easy answer here.  We are not attorneys and can not offer legal advice.  Look on the Cuyahoga County Sheriff's website and they have a pretty good guide the bottom of the page to see if any of these issues apply to you.  If not, you're probably ok.  If they do, you'll need to consult with your attorney.   See this PDF from Cuyahoga County Sheriff's office for a summary of disqualifiers.don't you answer 

more faqs


Why don't you answer your phone?

Huh?  Yes, this is true.  There's a long bit to this philosophy, so read more if you'd like. 

Even I find it hard to believe we are in the 21st century in a digital age.  So are scammer, hucksters, politicians, telemarketers, and other assorted criminals.  I am one person.  It is my phone and I've had this phone number for decades - yes that is plural.

We seek long-term relationships with our customers.  If I answered all the calls I get in a day, no one would be served.  In a typical day, the vast majority of calls are from the aforementioned crooks.  Most of the remaining usually is someone price shopping, looking to sell an over-valued firearm, or get some old cheap one fixed for nothing.  Maybe, maybe 5% of all incoming calls have one legitimate customer.  So, no, that 5% chance is not worth my entire day taking all phone calls.  The customer price shopping?  Not for me.  We offer "personal service at competitive pricing" - I am absolutely not interesting in sacrificing my ability to provide you with a high level of personal service for a customer looking to get the cheapest possible thing.  I have over 1,000 contacts in my phone.  If you are there and I'm available, I answer.  

If I'm with you, I'm with you.  I'm not answering other phone calls.  I'll bet I don't talk on the phone more that five times in an entire week.

So, text and email is how we conduct 95% of our communication.  And, of course, we save lots and lots of time for the personal service and personal contact.

So, there you have it.  That is me.  You decide.

Do you buy guns?

YES!!  We buy hundreds of guns a year. 

This is our website about that.  

What kind of guns to you sell?

We can secure almost any new firearm for you.  We are set up with the largest distributors in the Country.  We sell handguns, long guns, rifles, shotguns, silencers, etc. as well as ammo, holsters, and other accessories.

We deal primarily in modern firearms.  Seldom do we ever have older  "collectible" firearms on hand.

What's the best gun to buy?

This is 100% a personal, case-by-case situation.  We have the expertise to guide you through this. 

Generally, there is no "one gun" that will do everything you need.  They are a tool with a purpose.  So, you'd likely acquire multiple firearms over a period of time.

Do I have to change much to CCW?

Let me be honest and blunt - yes.  This is a culture and lifestyle change.  It takes a commitment and desire.

Let us guide you through that process.

What are examples of people starting the carry with their CCW?

Personally, I came from a household that had firearms in the home but really never used or fired them.  It was not part of my upbringing.  This was the same for the first 20 years of my own adult life.  After I got my CCW, it was a process of a couple years before I really started carrying.  It was a few years before my wife embraced this.  She had her CCW for about 3 years before she starting using her CCW.  She always carries her firearm when traveling.

We did not have anyone to walk us through this - we are now here to help you.

More Detail


Our Philosophy

Our CCW course is structured for a comfortable, relaxed, safe, and fun environment.  We embrace the business philosophy that we are not "all things to all people".  Anyone is welcome to our courses, but we really concentrate on those who are beginning their interest in firearms or want a refresher from the beginning.  For those who are experienced and need the course to acquire a CCW license, this may give you some insights, updates, or information you can pass along to your young shooters as well.  Approximately 1/3 of our students have never fired a gun before.  Many of these are very nervous and somewhat afraid to shoot.  When we are finished, they can absolutely safely handle a firearm and are very comfortable shooting.  We take you step-by-step in a comfortable manner without pressure or intimidation.

We offer a fantastic "bundled" value.  All you need for this course is you and clothes for the weather.  We provide EVERYTHING from books, pens, paper, food, drinks, safety equipment, ammunition, guns, cleaning supplies, and, most importantly, safety & FUN.   

Typical Course Structure

 Beverages such as coffee, soft drinks, and water are provided at all times.  Snacks and food are also supplied during the course.

The Ohio state minimum course requirement is 8 hours total.  We spend the first day of about 8 hours in the classroom.  

The second day is generally 4-6 hours that includes our time at the shooting range.  This is a private range that we have all to ourselves.  You'll probably shoot in excess of 200 rounds.  You'll shoot pistols and revolvers for conceal carry.  You'll have the option to shoot several other types of firearms including home defense shotguns, AR-style rifles, larger caliber firearms, and guns with "silencers" on them.

This results in a total of approximately 12-14 hours.

If you have special refreshment, beverage, or dietary needs, please let us know a week before the course so we can accommodate you.  Likewise, if you have any special physical needs, let us know the week before how we can best accommodate you.  

Full Service Firearms Dealer

We are a fully licensed & insured firearms dealer. We can assist you in the purchase of any and all firearms, ammunition, holsters, and other accessories.

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